Silicon Compounds

CHEMPLEX® Silicone Compounds are designed for use in a variety of performance applications. They are formulated with specially selected silicone base fluids and premium inorganic thickeners.

CHEMPLEX® Silicone Compounds are resistant to oxidation, thermal degradation and a broad range of chemicals and maintain these properties over a wide temperature range.
Available in several consistencies to meet specific requirements, they find application in valve seats, O-rings, flow meter, plug valves and vacuum and pressure systems.
These compounds are used to lubricate and insulate electrical connectors and ignition components and as assembly lubricants for rubber and plastic parts.

The CHEMPLEX® Silicone Compounds are designed for a variety of applications where high dielectric strength, water repellence, and corrosive protection are important.

Chemplex silicone compounds can be packed in any unit of use tube, from 1 gram up to 20 grams and even under OEM’s trade name for larger quantities.